My Name is Umar Ahmed.


I started designing websites when I was 13 years old using HTML and CSS that I learned from the W3Schools website. The first few attempts I made were horrible, but I kept at it. In a year, I had learned enough JavaScript in addition to HTML and CSS to create my very own web application, which I packaged as a BlackBerry app to share with others. Within a few years, I had broadened my horizons with new technologies like AJAX, PHP, and Python, as well as new concepts like responsive design and content management systems—what you're reading right now was made with one. Today, I encorporate my love for graphic and print design into my work on the web creating websites for my friends and family, as well as work for the organizations that I belong to.


When I am not eating, sleeping, or going to school, I am probably sitting somewhere at a computer using a program called Maxon Cinema 4D. I have 4 years experience using Cinema 4D for 3D modelling, texturing, animating, and lighting. I have done work for YouTubers designing logos, banners, and intro videos. In January 2015 I began creating a new 3D render every day of the week.